Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Do you remember trying to set these things up?

Some brave soul is trying to sell this thing on Pinkbike right now. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

It's on an air conditioner, so you know, it's still cool.

Coach Pete Sr.LC said...

Hey Chazz- How come you been winning soooooo many races lately????
Is it because they were "home turf" trails that you've ridden hundreds of times before.......??
Or was it a bit of "juicebud magic" giving you a little boost in the uphill sections....??

Either way- I'm gonna have to update my hypothetical UCI rankings for you soon. The Juiceman is proud of you

Yerp said...

I think I have 15 of those chainguides in my parts bin that I was going to throw out. I didn't know you could sell them. Cha-ching!

Anonymous said...

29ER !!

tyotoutterrain said...

jimmy dialed a 42tooth slalom guide on my 95 zaskar in 99 with a feat of strength and ingenuity involving a mallet. somehow i pedaled that thing up everything with an 8sp cassette. clearly i was more of a man at the age of 14 than i am today.