Thursday, September 18, 2014

More bad music

Play this on mute:

Then play this over the top of it:

You're welcome.

At this point every mountain bike film maker should just start emailing me before they pick a song, because left to their own devices they consistently blow it. There's apparently a big divide between the emo artsy people that gravitate towards holding a camera or editing videos, and the people who go fast on bikes and have to suffer through the videos those emo artsy guys make.

Don't even get me started on this epic loam slash bro stuff:


Anonymous said...

use this song in your nest five edits and you will go pro!!!!!! if you dont u will snap your bike !!:(
its scary how true this is!! :0

derp said...

from an activity that has more enginerds and ski bros in it than dudes with taste, do you expect good music? I gave up years ago. Haven't seen a mtb vid in 10 years and don't want to watch them anytime soon. Less mtb, more skateboarding.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an ideal pairing algorithm. Metallica for Governor of Toronto. Or Nikki Benz…

Anonymous said...

MTB soundtrack 2003:
The Fall
The Damned
T Rex
Killing Joke
The Sonics

MTB soundtrack present:
Rob Zombie??
Alice in Videoland
Shiny Toy Guns

Yeah I cherry picked the shit out of it that's how you win an argument

Coco Merkin said...

Sam Hill good moments = Alex Rankin good moments.

As soon as Rankin left to go film moto, where the money is and totally understandable, and the torch was passed to Clay Porter, Hill started losing. Its so obvious, the link is undeniable, Clay's insistance on reshooting a hand hitting a fern over and over again obviously fucked with Hill, a man who's mind was so intently focused on chasing down light and slaughtering it like lambs on passover. Additionally when a new shooter with unlimited potential like Vittorio Platania burst on to the scene he was quickly muted by the corporate hegemony. Obviously there is something going on here, does anyone else notice the lack of contrails in any of these recent videos?

Tom Grundy said...

Thinking Judas Priest - Painkiller for the next video, what are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Haha, contrails