Monday, September 15, 2014

This is why you go to Interbike

I wasn't there this year, but I did the same thing to about fifty different bikes and forks when I was at InterHell last year. I also like the "stand on one side of the bike, grab one side of the bars and press down on the crank" test. It's amazing how much you can make a bike or component flex when you don't care about safely riding it after you're done with your "test." Science, dude.


Yeah I Said It said...

Inorite, Charlie? Because the FOS,fatigue,S-N curve,failure criteria, plastic deformation limit and their respective quantitative values were produced, and thus compared to known limits for the particular material and geometry, all during your simple observation of deflection, right? I mean, it's science.

You never cease to entertain, like the village idiot, with your petulant and arrogant ignorance.

Matthew said...

^^I think you misunderstood.

Or maybe I did? I'm no longer sure.

thatsthejoke said...



Anonymous said...

that awkward moment when you realize (...or more than likely they will never realize) you called someone ignorant and put them beneath you based on a post that you read using the wrong context

then threw in some "look i know big words and im an engineer!" (im an engineer myself) terms

AKA - the internet

Village Idiot said...

Engineers don't have social skills. Everyone knows that.

Adam said...

What did you do to piss off Kyle? He seems pretty tweaked in that first comment.