Friday, September 25, 2015


This is what every bro in Canada really, truly thinks their freeride flick looks like:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

piss flaps before piss flaps. also. last couple posts. thank fuck. cheers wanker

Piss said...


STW said...

peat moss
teat moss
beat moss
feet moss

Anonymous said...

Such a cheesy clip. 1/2" of top soil on packed trails is nothing like 36" of powder. The only thing in common is a chairlift and goggles. Bring back Earthed.

Anonymous said...

worst segment of any film ever...

Anonymous said...

the bad news: that spray is actually jizz.....

Anonymous said...

Piss flaps.

Derp said...

all jokes aside, are there people paying money for mtb movies like this?

Anonymous said...

I cant believe pb users lose their shit over this. Dumbass video.

Punk Kid from Pinkbike said...

Looks like Wil White is trying to upstage you with his new video , that he put out within 48 hrs of yours . Makes me wonder come you and Cory aint asked to make big budget videos with like Wil's , with K-mart drones and smoke bombs zip tied to chain stays? I' m surprised you didn't get Lopes with his shirt off - again,29913/970biking,307

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that UnReal fucking sucked.

Anonymous said...

that sucked; were they riding ellsworth?

Anonymous said...

Ellsworth sucks dong

The Shit Fisher said...

Between this weak-ass segment & that bizarre Wil White edit that was linked in the comments, I'm about ready to head out to West Oakland and give all 3 of my mountain bikes to some kids in the projects who will hopefully ride them around the block in 12'oclock wheelies all day and never associate themselves with actual mountain biking or the bike industry.

Anonymous said...

That Will White video... No kneepads and it looked like he was wearing womans leggings.

Also those credits were ridiculous:

Director DP & Editor: Matt Baron (Baron Films)
Art Direction and Concept: Francesco Ragazzi & Regis Tosetti of MONCLER
Executive Producers: Philip Fox Mills & Arrow Kruse
Head of Production: Nicola Westerman
Producer: Andrew Runkle
Primary Bike Rider: Wil White
Secondary Bike Riders: Jeremy Hottinger & Lorin Whitaker
DP: Matt Baron
AC and B Cam Op: Ben Katz
Drone Capture: Sin City Aerials
Drone Cinematographer: Michael Gaskell
Drone Pilot: Danny Szabo
Sound Recorder and DIT: Rob Bluemke
Fixer: Jeremy Hottinger
Assistant Fixer: Lorin Whitaker
Medic: Mike Clark
Key PA: Murbina
PA: Kyle Wilhelmson
Editor: Matt Baron
Post Producer: Andrew Runkle
Color Services: Company 3
Colorist: Jaime O'Bradovich
Color Producer: Katie Andrews
Sound Design: Brian Beatrice and Rob Bluemke
Sound Mix Services: Nutmeg Post
Sound Mix Producer: Lauren Boyle
Sound Mixer: Brian Beatrice

- Does it really take this many people to make this shit?

Derp said...

why is mtb still so fucking nerdy? can't we be a little more like skateboarding? I mean we're not even at the level of wrongboarders on the coolness scale, and those guys are fucking kooks. are we trying so hard for an identity that we are stealing from skiing and motocross, while still not really achieving an image of our own? Freehuckers are trying so hard to be skiers and snowboarders, xc wieners are trying to be roadies, and downhillers are trying to be supercross stars. Go get a low budge vx1000 and film random shit edits, no story lines, no slowmo, and pump those fuckers out every week. Lay off this fucking skier brah bro mentality and maybe then we could have our own identity. its like trying to explain skateboarding to engineers - they just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I love riding bikes, but I hate the industry inside and out.

Joe the Juicehead said...

Here is the coolness food chain:

MTB > bmx > moto > surfing > BASE jumping > sking > kayaking > skate > kite surfing > scooters > parkour > fixes > roller bladers > trikes > Charlie & Cory's web edits

(Don't EVER say mtb is not as cool as skateboarding)

Joe J said...

Sorry, I was told it's spelled Trikke ^^^^

zede said...

^^ you are probably the kind of guy who writes "top5 best " kind of comment on YouTube.
And among these comments, yours is probably the less funny.

Anonymous said...

Joe the Juicehead is a tanktop wearing bro. Loosen your goggle straps bro.

Anonymous said...

Kayaking is definitely a step above skateboarding. Everyone and their dad wears those kayaking shoes now.