Thursday, January 2, 2014


1. Welding together a trailer/launch ramp? Check.

2. Sourcing a reasonably decent, properly-sized full suspension mountain bike to throw off the edge of the world? Check.

3. Full video team? Check.

4. Assembling a team of professional emergency medical care professionals, trained to work in delicate, extreme, or dangerous environs? Check.

5. Take fifteen minutes, have everyone grab a shovel, and build one berm, or maybe just take five to sight a straight run in off the cliff?

Oops, yeah, that's what we forgot to do.

Death Road base jump ... on a bike... movie - yes as stupid as it sounds. from Alistair Matthew on Vimeo.


Joseph said...

Couldn't be bothered to throw a Full-Face on either.

Also, waiting for the part at the end where the ambulance crashes and he rolls out the back and down the cliff again Simpsons style.

Tina said...

Point proven, humans are getting dumber by the day.

Adam said...

This had me laughing so hard! This guy and his crew are a bunch of buffoons!