Monday, January 13, 2014


Vital recently reviewed the new Nevegal X Pro, Kenda's replacement for the classic Nevegal, the tire of choice for every VP-Free riding old guy camelbak-wearing DH racer at your local races.

Shocker of the century: the new tire also sucks.

I've prepared a graph to explain why I find this phenomenon so fascinating:


Kenda said...

Chaz has won more races on Kenda than any other tire. Fact.

Ben Furbee said...

"They are actually pretty awesome! I was surprised" -Chaz ( Sea Otter 2012)

Coach Pete said...

Never doubt him......Charlie Is a Professor of Engineering and The Director of Locomotive Sciences at M.I.T.
He almost won the Noble Prize in 2010

Joe said...

Please enlighten us to the best tire and why. That is if you actually ride a bike.

Father Graham said...

All of the old guys are pissed.

Wookie said...

You have to be serious to make a good product. Attention to detail, multiple cycles of testing, that sort of thing. You have to be the kind of person who realizes that products+that+suck.jpg was not good enough and that the only thing to do, the only thing that you could be proud of, was to iterate and create products+that+suck2.jpg

We, your public, thank you.