Friday, January 10, 2014

Pedal up, race down

Gary Fisher is so enduro.

This is the best mountain bike video of the last 12 months, and I think this might actually be a Rankin video. Key ingredients:

1. Getting rad
2. Racing
3. No one notices or cares about the video guy. Can't be bothered.
4. The music.
5. Still, no one cares

The reason I can't watch Play Corter or Mindspark or Broastal Crew videos is that it's clear they all care so much about the video. The riders just want to tell you so bad about how hard they're training or how epic that line was or how bro the road trip was, and it's like the riders and the video guys will die if they don't show you how epic they are. They're trying too hard.

Instead, think of your audience like a girl: the more you ignore them, the more interested they get.


Anonymous said...

Boom goes the dynamite.

Anonymous said...

some of those drifts would give Karver a run for his money!!

Matt Beer said...

Wide bars, loose clothes, down hill only…. how did we go from that to this:

Anonymous said...

It's called capitalization my friend, we must commoditize everything if we are to survive. You think they don't know about your silly obtuse sport? Why can't you be a beautiful little snowflake? Wrong questions!

The enemy you disdain is within, better make peace with it and start buying lots of crank-brothers stuff before the economy collapses and the robot apocalypse begins. Trust me on this.

Anonymous said...

@Matt Beer - if buying Crap Brothers garbage is the only way to stave off the robo-pocalypse, i'm ready to be smashed beneath the treads of the mighty robot army.

elPedro666 said...

If this really is the case, then I welcome our new metallic masters with a skip of crushed CB tat and an old-fashioned oil can.

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