Friday, January 3, 2014

IMBA trails driving surge in new trail users

When reached for comment after his trail experience, Papa Bear said, "Our first time on mountain bike trails was great! I was worried that Mrs. Bear and the twins would be intimidated by scary, technical, advanced trails, but fortunately the IMBA has a huge presence up here in Nome, and all of the advanced trails have been plowed and turned into backcountry highways. It was no sweat."

In closing, Papa Bear also added "After our completely homogenous and predictable trail experience, we enjoyed mountain biking so much that we promptly visited the local bike shop in Nome and purchased new bikes and accessories for all the members of the Bear family, and we predict going forward that we will actively and regularly participate in mountain biking culture, racing, trail building, and advocacy. Our isolated, singular, safeguarded trail experience was sufficient to build a lifelong love for this sport that will surely weather the storms of life and stay true through lean times, injuries, seasonal ennui, bad weather, and the general adversities that can turn people away from lukewarm passions."

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Growin' the Sport, BITCHEZZZZZZ said...


The Urso family shows great cohesion and enthusiasm, plus impressive fitness, while climbing the Double Black Diamond slope called Strava King.


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