Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chevrolet's VP of Occupational Hypnotherapy

It's nice to see that, after dying, the occupational hypnotherapist from Office Space made a smooth transition into another field, the VP of Marketing for Chevy:

"It combines class winning, and leading umm, you know, technology and stuff... [gasp, heavy breathing, then a slight moan]..."

Keep fighting off that heart attack, man. Keep fighting the good fight.


Derp said...

completely off topic but please I give you the worst mtb video of all time:

Anonymous said...

baseball in general, but even more so cuz KC lost, really sucks. That's all.

mike kootnikoff said...

technology and stuff is on their main website. haha he got that part right.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, how crazy and senile did Commish Selig look in this video?