Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Balfa BB7
Super Monster
24 inch Outlaws
Holy Rollers
Diabolus Cranks
World Force 3" riser bar
Love seat
Road cassette with long cage Deore derailleur
Hayes Mags
That seat clamp

Other than BMW Shinburgers and a 50 tooth MRP, it's pretty tough to improve on that rig. Maybe Hookworms.

[Editor's note: Thanks for setting me straight in the comments. Yes, a remote reservoir Avalanche shock is pretty mandatory for this bike. Can't believe I let that detail slip.]


earle.b said...

This guys just won mountain biking.

kidwoo said...

Look at that perfectly fine MRP bashring just sitting there! He must have just upgraded to the 2003 evil one.

Trivial said...

Avalanche shock would definitely be an upgrade needed before that thing is ready for hucking. Padded cross bar on the handlebars is a nice touch.

1996 said...


Unknown said...
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Cameron said...

Mag 30's?

@ska_todd said...

This is an incredibly rare sighting of the mystical early 00's Balfa hucker outside of it's native environment of Plattekill.

Anonymous said...

Are those seismic hubs? Whatever happened to large flangle hubs, long live Hope big'uns' too!
Thay Balfa could only be topped by a twin rear shock Karpiel with avalanche coil over and profile 3pc CG ranks

Anonymous said...

That is a Twenty Four Bicycles seatpost clamp. I think it came on the Le Dude frame. Such a dirty memory.