Sunday, October 26, 2014

We're all pussies

Riding a skateboard down my driveway is roughly the same challenge level for me as running on marbles or juggling chainsaws blindfolded.


TheFurbinator said...


This guy ^

Derp said...

As a skateboarder I am shocked at how old that footage is. Still gnar though, so +1 for you. Tommygunz is a beast. FS flip a 20 stair? That's the equivalent of doing rampage on a rigid huffy and winning. But if you want some more hits, here you are:

love him or hate him, probably the gnarliest part of all time:

Anonymous said...

Skate videos are the platinum standard of action sports films. They are the most visceral, honest, conceptually creative, and jarring.

Have you ever seen a skate video with sincere bro-rock or dubstep or a contemporary pop hit? Never. Do they have narration about how fun the trip was, and the courthouse ledges were buttery and everyone had a memorable time? Do they have a social studies lesson about the country they visited and how welcoming the people were? No

I put it to MTB filmers to pause thinking about dolly rigs and dynamic range. Focus on illustrating something essential about the sport. Everyone goes apeshit over a good edit with no soundtrack... just the sound of hubs and seat buzzes and dirt getting thrown around. Try to get that feeling in your finished film, instead of the narcotizing golden hour slowmo 4k redbull ad imagery.

Derp said...

I love you^

nomoslowmo said...

is that a new wheel size? But for real, that anonymous guy said it all ^^